Friday, 11 May 2012

BRANDING YOUR WORKSPACE - Skinny laMinx Studio Feature

Skinny laMinx
Skinny laMinx is a long-standing favourite designer of ours, here at Design Engine. So, we were thrilled to bits when Heather Moore (of Skinny laMinx) let us have a peek at her gorgeous studio space in Capetown.

Skinny laMinx has established a strong brand associated with her beautiful graphic style of illustration, top quality products and gorgeous colour palettes. And, we asked Heather if we could feature her studio, as we think it's a perfect example of how your brand can be reflected in your workspace. 
Attention to detail
In her studio the space is fun, bright and welcoming, much like Heather's work. Everything from the big charcoal wall to the painted white brickwork, the clean layout, simple textures and stylish use key items of vintage furniture all work together to show off her work and to reflect her brand.

On the back wall Heather has used a peg system, which allows her to  change her display as often as she wants. 

Even the signage is a step away from the norm, reflecting Heather's creative flair and eye for detail.

But the thing we love best about this space is the fact that the space is functional, practical AND versatile and allows Heather to house her studio and shop all in one space.
Simple, clean design - very inspiring stuff. 
Now we have a serious crush on her studio as well as her designs! 

Photographs Heather Moore
Visit Skinny laMinx website
Follow the skinny laMinx blog - its well worth a read. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


At Design Engine we've noticed a recent surge in clients who are recognising the benefits of extending their brand right through to their work spaces. And these clients aren't generally the big nationals either, it's the smaller businesses who seem to be making the changes.

Some of you might be a tad sceptical, thinking that this is a step to far and that office spaces are just for working in.
But let's face it, having a work space that reflects your company brand, doesn't have to be brash or filled with corporate signage (not that that's a bad thing sometimes). It doesn't even have to cost the earth either. Simple changes CAN make all the difference. 
At Design Engine, we say, 'it's your work space, so why not have some fun with it? Branding your workspace is a great opportunity to be creative, and bring some real character into your space'.
After all, a well designed work space can have positive effects on staff moral, help clients feel at home when they visit and really make your company stand out from the crowd.   

Our Plan
So, with all of this in mind we thought we'd kick off our new blog by following one of our very own in-house branding projects - the Design Engine studio refit. 
But more on that later. Coming up, we have a couple of the fantastic branded office / studio spaces that we have seen and loved recently, and that we thought you might like too.  

For now though, the mood boards are done, the paint swatches carefully considered, colour schemes, textures, furniture layout, function and style studied in great detail. It's time for the hard graft now. Watch this space...