Friday, 30 November 2012

Top tips for naming your business

At Design Engine, we know that finding the perfect name can be a real challenge. So we decided that as part of our 'branding focus' we would dedicate some time to 'top tips for naming your business'. 
We've been helping people come up with unique business or product names for long enough to know that  'once you have a good'n, it can help everything else just slot into place'. We've split this blog into a couple of parts, so stay tuned for the next installment. 

1. Think about the outcome
Ok so this might sound a little topsy turvy, but we always try to encourage clients to think of the outcome first when choosing a name. How do you want the end user to react when they see / read your new name? What do you want that name to evoke? Think about what you want your name to stand for?

When we started going through our naming process many moons ago we wanted Design Engine to be seen to be:
Focussed on design that worked hard for our clients
Helping clients get their business to where they want it to be
Professional and hard working
Experienced and knowledgeable
Friendly and approachable
Different / unique
Honest and reliable
Committed (that we would go that extra mile)

2. Brainstorm
We always start a project by brainstorming ideas, associated words and images. This often helps get ideas out and down on paper, and this act quite often generates even more ideas! This can work particularly well in a group (but also good on your tod too). 
To start a 'brainstorming', simply ask questions. Generally, the more questions you ask about your business the more likely you will find a true gem of a name. 

Who are your target clients?
What do they like? 
How old are they? 
What do they do for a living?
Why do they need your product of service?
How will you sell your product or service?
Does the name need to convey a strong message about the product or service?
etc etc

3. Keep it simple
Whilst we are in full support of really unusual names, sometimes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being obvious. In fact, having an obvious element in your name will often help not hinder, especially when you are a new business.  
For example, when we first came up with Design Engine as a business name we felt that adding 'design' into the mix just helped distinguish us as design specialists (aswell as helping with SEO). Engine was the more quirky element. But, this then allowed us to build a solid brand around the ethos that we wanted to help our clients 'get to where they want to be'.

We hope you have enjoyed our first few 'top tips' and would welcome any comments below. Our next blog is about the common pitfalls when naming your business and how to avoid them, so do stay tuned. 

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